Virtual Power Plant for small-scale power plants

VPP’s innovative Virtual Power Plant Solution opened new perspectives for high-level energy generation and supply.

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Innovation in system-level regulation

Our Virtual Power Plant provides uniquely flexible and quick regulating capacity to the national electricity system in every minute of the year.

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Our success lies in our mutual energy

VPP’s Virtual Power Plant aggregates the power generated by small-scale power plants and provides sustainable business advantages to every player in the long run.

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Virtual power plant opportunities in Slovakia

Virtual power plants will represent significant added value by providing a way to remove obstacles to the further expansion of renewables in addition to reducing the balancing requirements of the Slovak electrical grid.

Virtualization in the energy sector

VPP was among the first to recognize the potential of virtualization and successfully implemented its virtualization application that offers numerous benefits in the energy sector: the Virtual Power Plant Solution.

In-house Innovation

VPP’s Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) combines the business and technology innovations of our in-house developer team.

Smart Grid

The future has already started! See our infographics about the smart grid technology!